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Ugly/ wierd Tav

Someone emailed me this picture, it looks like he tav was repaired very crudely, by either the sofer or a subsequent magiha. We know the mikdash me'at is very meikel by a case where the left regel of the tov comes out of the MIDDLE of the gug, and in the sefer ksivah tamah he is machshir cases even worse than this, based on the mikdash me'at. I felt that while very ugly, the tzurah is still kosher. I showed it to a local Rav who ruled the same. Obviously it should be fixed properly and a bit of the gug should be removed to allow proper spacing between words. Obviously we are talking about a basic mezuzah here, nothing begeder mehudar. I was wondering what Reb Moshe's opinion is on this as well as anyone else who would like to comment: