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Why they let the forgers go

We all remember the fuss a few months ago, when they busted that forgers ring in Ashkelon who were printing computer generated mezuzos. It was all over the news and online, including this website.

But apparently the forgers had all charges dropped because they were able to prove to authorities that what they were doing was not against halacha and they had rabbinical approval for what they were doing.

And what were they doing?

They were using computers to generate mezuzos and print them out on parchment. Except the computer left part of the letter out. For example, they would print a lamed with the chof part and the top of the rosh of the vov but leave the regel of the vov out. So every letter was 80% done, except a vital aiver of the letter was missed out. This was then later filled in by the sofer, lishmah and kesidran. Since lishmah is enough for part of the letter, particularly the last part that makes it kosher, they got around the lishmah issue. Since the kesidran is only necessa…