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Kesivas Shem HaShem: to fix, or not to fix?

shalom rabbosai,

a post from a few years' back (kesivas shem Hashem) briefly mentioned various opinions on the hiddur of writing the holy 5-part azkara as it pertains to ksav arizal.

in my possession is a ketores written in ksav arizal except the shemot are not written according to the Zohar's prescription.

is it permissible to m'taken these shemot so they have the appearance of being written as described by the zohar?

l'aniyus da'ati it would seem there is room to say 'yes' namely because various opinions such as the keset hasofer held that writing this way was extraneous given the kavanot that he felt were meant to be included at the time of the ksivas haShem

i'm interested in hearing from anyone, in particular those who have experience with the issue of whether this sort of tikkun is considered an improvement to the ksav or whether it should not be touched....