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Question about hide glue

There is a sefer torah at my shul that has a repair that was fixed with (what seems to me) hide glue. Would it be enough to get hide glue that is made from a kosher animal, or does it need to be made lishma?

Tav or Peh? and what's with the KHAF?

Here is a TAV that has a longer right foot and a shorter left foot than what it should be.  As such, it may resemble a Peh Peshutah with an inverted nose.  This is why our Hakhamim always impress us to make the right foot a bit shorter than the left. The above letter must be shown to a Tinok, and the right foot shortened if read like a TAV.  If the child reads it like a PEH PESHUTA, then its PESSULA. As per the KHAF, it looks like a cursive BET.   I believe that there is room to be lenient and not invalidate it right off the bat, as the letter appears more like a KHAF in the original smaller Ketav. Your input is however requested.  Should it be shown to a Tinok, and fixed if read properly; or do we say that it has lost its shape and de-facto invalidate it?  I'd very much appreciate your response.