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"Name and Shame" Idea

I received an email this week from a frustrated sofer who is sick and tired of nothing being done to stop unscrupulous vendors selling below par STa"M. While he acknowledges that it is beyond the capabilities and powers of the Vaad and other rabbinical bodies, his idea was to create a website that would "Name and Shame" unscrupulous vendors. In doing so, anyone caught selling fraudulent STa"M would have their business name and a picture of the item sold. While I think it's a good idea in theory, and may act as a good deterrent, I see a number of problems arising from this idea: 1) Whoever does it will need to dedicate a lot of time and effort into maintaining and monitoring the site without remuneration. 2) There may be legal / defamation issues to deal with. 3) Where is the line drawn? Do people selling items that are bedieved (as mehudar or otherwise) also make the cut? If anyone has any ideas or thoughts on this please feel free to comment.