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The so-called "Chumra of the Rashb"a"

Shalom to all. I am new to this blog and I hope to make a meaningful contribution. I would like to revisit a minor discussion which took place on the blog a short while back regarding what's been called the "chumra of the Rashb"a" i.e. not to scrape away a Negiah which took place prior to the conclusion of having written the second letter. I would like to clarify two points: 1) it is a complete misnomer to call it the Chumra of the Rashb"a. 2) It is actually much more severe than if it was actually the chumra of the Rashab"a that we are concerned about. Allow me to explain with a basic introduction: The Yerushalmi states: "Irev es ha'osiyos - milmaalah: passul, milmaatah: kasher" (I have "shrunk" the actual passage to what the minimum  of whats needed for this discussion). The Rashab"a (as well as the Ramba"n, and the Sma"k) interpret this to mean that if, as one is forming the second letter, it touched th