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Roshey Hashitin

A Yeshivah bochur just came back to Melbourne from where he was learning in the USA and said that while he was away he had his tefillin checked. Everything was fine, except the sofer told him that in the last parsha of his shel yad the words "vechoro af" are on two separate lines. I think his complaint is that from there the sofer did not follow the roshey hashitin of the Arizal exactly.

What surprises me is that the sofer made an esek out of this and allegedly told the customer "the tefillin are still kosher but are only Bedieved". (I'd like to see his makor for that.)

We have discussed this before and while there is room to be machmir about Roshe Hashitin in mezuzah, I have never heard anyone make an esek of it in tefillin. I have always understood that in tefillin a small shinuy like this would present no issue.

The tefillin were not purchased from me so I am not nogeya badovor. However the boys father asked me if he should change the parshiyos. He said he w…