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AHRON TOUCHED A RAW NERVE BY ASKING IF THERE IS ALSO A MEKOTZETZ. The above parshios seem like decent tefilin however they were made on an assembly line and the sofer has no rebbe or no yiras shamayim, and the metayag is definitely a young bochur who has no idea what he is doing and  its very possible that he is not mekadesh -which again on tagim wouldn't pasel. None of the following pasul the parshios but are wrong : alef beis yosef in ksav ari eikev habeis to long gimel head should be square-it should be rosh not gag , eikev hadalet too long eikev hay too long sometimes right foot is in middle of gag as second hay of hazeh hay of shem not according to kabala -these are ari parshios vav missing tag-ari zayin-is long ,head is not square  לא יהא רגלה ארוך מב' קולמסים,וראשה- ויהיה מרובע ches makel too short הוא כמו תג גדול yud-MEKOTZETZ  for those who need source that tag elyon should be longer then kotz see pm"g kaf- square inside LAMED IS MEHUIDAR YAY IT HA