Do either of these entrances need a mezuza?


  1. It is very difficult from these pictures to understand what is going on here.
    Maybe the second should have a mezuza on the left side - since it is the right post leaving the kitchen entering the living room.
    more details might help

  2. From the picture it looks like rosh kosel -we put mezuza without bracha.
    The second one has a problem since part of the right side is blocked by permanent cabinets,if I understand correctly Rabbi Weiner suggested to put the mezuza on the left side as an entrance to the lliving room .If most entrances(רוב כניסות) are to the living room or if the living room is the more important room(עיקר דירה),or if the living room has the shiur and the kitchen does not(רע"א) then that would be possible.

  3. OK. So what about the first picture? would that also need?


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