kuzu fail?

I just received a batch of mehudar mezuzos with the kuzu done in the above manner. Is there any makor for this? I've never seen it done like this before, nor can I imagine why it should be.


  1. Perhaps he copied it directly from the source......
    Hmmm... also here.
    And in the Kabalah version (משנת חסידים) slightly different.
    Maybe he knows something that we don't know???

  2. My Rebbeim taught me that, since these words are Shaimos, one does not pronounce them. They refer to them as, "Chof, Vov, Zayin, Vav."

    (They would also not say Metatron, but "Mem, Test, Tes.". Similarly, they never pronounced the name of the Shaid called Lilis, rather: "Lamed Lamed.")


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