machlokes between who?

Regarding the question of osiyos challolos (left at the end of a sefer Torah for a siyum in outline) if such letters are kosher, the common answer is that they are (because ain shiur beuvey haos) EXCEPT for the yuddin, which is a machlokes. Does anyone know who the machlokes is betwee? Thanks


  1. I have heard in the name of Rav Elyashiv that a hollow “yud” is halachikly a small “mem stuma”.

  2. Thanks Etan. But does anyone say it's definitely kosher as a yud?

  3. That "Sh'mu'a" in Rav Elyashiv's name seems odd. If we see a Mem Stuma with a strong Regel protruding from the bottom right, descending as long as the letter is high and then curving toward the left, and the lower left corner protruding downward, and the top left corner sporting a Makal, we might (at least) have to ask a Tinok is this is a mem.

  4. Rav Elyashiv always chose to fill in a Yud when given the kavod off filling in a letter because, as R' Etan writes, he held it was (or maybe was - I'm not sure which) a kosher Mem Setuma and hence by filling it in he was actually writing a letter and not just filling in an already kosher letter.

  5. My understanding is that it depends on the way it was done. if it has a nice outline with a short regel -yes it can be a mem stuma , just take a pen and draw a mem stuma and add a small regel-it will still stay a mem stuma-fill it up and you have a yud


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