Ot Y'tsiv Megillah - ayin rabati?

At the back of the Ot Y'tsiv is this photo of aseret b'ney Haman from a Megillah which appears to have an ayin rabati. I've not seen any source for this before. Is this something that others have come across? Been meaning to post this for a while.


  1. Rav Mordechai,
    call the publisher. maybe it's just a typo???

  2. It's seems to be a picture of the actual megillah so it wouldn't be a typo.

  3. Over 100 years ago, Christian Ginsburg compiled a comprehensive list of all large and small letters in our Massorah from 10 different authoritative sources. This letter Ayin does not figure in any of the lists. The only other large letter AYIN besides the final one of Shema is that of the word על in Tehillim 18:50 ...
    ...על כן אודך בגוים ... and this appears in only one of the ten compiled lists.

    To the best of my knowledge, it appears that, this Ayin Rabbati, does not have a source in our tradition.

  4. Todah all. Certainly not a typo as it is a photo of a megillah. I have never seen such a thing in Torah Sh'lemah, Keset Hasofer, Sefer Taggin, Machzor Vitri, CD Ginsburg or any of the lists, so good to hear you are all in agreement. May need to get in touch with the author then.

  5. On this subject, I always get a kick out if showing people the "tof shin zayin" remez in the aseres benai homon (hinting for the 10 Nazis hanged in Nuremberg in the year tof shin zayin). It's amazing how people react. Its even more spooky when you show it to people on old , pre Holocaust megillos.

    I think it was Julius Streicher, one of the ten who was hanged, who cried out "Purim fest" when they hung him.

    Frankly this ayin rabsi doesn't fit in to the whole holocaust theme. The vov rabsi fits in some say its referring to the 6th millennium (when it happened, some say it refers to the six million who perished.

    1. Several years ago, I saw the actual New York Times article describing this. The one who called out (I don't remember the name) was the last to go. As he was being led out of the room to the gallows, he declared, "Purim Fest 1947." The Times then blandly states that Purim is a Jewish holiday.

  6. It says on top of the page :
    אות יציב סימן כ"ח מקור הלכה ס"ק ט
    why not check what it says there?
    I have a Tzanzer Shul nearby (whith a dedicated bookcase for Tzanzer Sforim) I'll try so get there to see what it says.

  7. Shlomo, I looked at it and all it says is that in the Rebbe's magical the Haman Sons' names were not aligned, also Aseres was not aligned with the V'es words on top. No mention about the large Ayin.
    By the way, Ot Yatziv is a great sefer, my actual favorite,


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