RE:Ot Y'tsiv Megillah - ayin rabati?

I remember seeing the previous post and I saw this on E-bay.


  1. יש עוד דבר מעניין - באלפי"ן היודי"ן העליונים הפוכות
    אפשר לראות חלקים נוספים מהמגילה בכתובת הנמצאת בפנים, ושמה רואים שסתם אלפי"ן בשאר המגילה היודי"ן של האלפי"ן ישרות כלפי מעלה, ולא הפוכות

  2. These are new innovations that have been introduced. I suspect that this AYIN RABATI is based on the concept that the hanging of the 10 evil sons of Haman represents a pivotal moment in the ushering of the Ge'ulah. Therefore, we see Daryavesh, (Queen Esther's descendant) giving permission to Ezra to return to Eretz Yisrael and to rebuild the Beis ha'Mikdash. This according to our tradition happened EXACTLY 70 YEARS after the Churban of the Bet ha'Mikdash. The AYIN is made large because it alludes to those 70 years.

    There are other innovations in this megillah as well. I will post it in a follow-up post with pictures so that you may be better able to view it by visualizing the text.


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