Batim from "Neta Levi" under hechsher of a Rav Y or YY Klein, Av Bais Din Vishnitz (fomerly under Rav MS Klein)

Anyone familiar with these batim?


  1. Rabbi Moshe Shaul Klein is "the" talmid of Harav Wosner Shlita and one of the biggest Rabbanim in our generation (you may decide for yourself if you like his Hechsher). I met Rabbi Yakov Yitzchok Klien in my office at The time of the peeling retzuos scandal on Retzuot under his supervision, personal impression is a small rebbele type yungerman, maximum like a corner shul Rabbi,not a posek.
    Is there a reason Rabbi Moshe Shaul removed his hechsher?

  2. Someone came to me for guidance when he was considering tefillin via an organization as he was able to get through them at wholesale. They typically assist with basic tefillin for kiruv but he wanted to get a mehudar pair through them. I requested lots of information and when i heard that the batim maker he uses dropped Rav MS klein for the other Rav Klein because "Rav MS klein's hechsher was too expensive" I suggested that this person not get tefillin from this source. I'm also aware of the peeling and the lower standards of the hechsher.


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