Ideas for a "hanachat tfillin" presentation

  • A friend of mine is having a small hanachat tfillin celebration, and asked if I could do a short program for their son and a few of his friends (aged 12/13, obviously), with something halacha-y, if possible.
  • He's already seen the "putting the klaf in the bayit" when he bought his tfillin. Anyone know of other ideas of things to do for that age?
  • Thanks.


  1. maybe a simple presentation: the correct way putting on tefilin - where exactly on the arm and head, how and when to recite the bracha/s, the cavana and meaning of tfilin opposite one's heart and mind as explained in SA OC 25:5

    1. To piggy back on R Moshe: you can point out to then all of the "cool" symbolisms: the 3 headed vs. 4 headed Shin - Avos and Imahos. The twelve stiches - Shevatim. Saaros - kapara on chet ho'eigel. Another interesting fact which many people don't know: the tfillin don't need to be a square. Rather, they need to be square at any given point. Or the fact that me'ikkar hadin the battim don't need to be black.

      I find that these "unknowns" are very intriguing to folks.

  2. I don't know how much time you have or if you have a budget but a recent activity that worked very well was buying the pieces of pshutim mehudarim tefillin and having the kids assemble and glue them together.

    cost was about $7 per set of batim plus glue and spray paint.

    it keeps them busy for about 40 minutes

    works well with teenage boys


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