nun pshutah

I found this parshah I put aside months ago with a nun pshutah I wasn't sure how to deal with. Shailos tinok or possul?


  1. TINOK OR KOSHER.SEE MORDCHAI MENUCHOS תתקנג questions the r"t that tet is made of pey and nun sofit- and explains that if zein is "a bit longer" its a kosher nun sofit.

  2. The gug is a lot thicker than the other letters. And the letter starts much lower down under the sirtut than the other letters. therefore the fact that it extends la bit lower down is not necessarily a rayeh

  3. Is it possible that if it was SUPPOSED to be a Zayin, that it would be OK?

  4. Without measuring to confirm, the regel seems to be long enough


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