Set up

My set up is a 24x18 drawing board on a DIY PVC stand.

I started safrus a number of years ago in NY, but it fell to the wayside when I moved to FL. I've been trying to get back on track, but now since my job stabilized I have more time to devote to safrus.

Right now I'm practicing on paper with ink thickened with gum arabic. I order klaf about a week and a half ago to write a megillah for myself and I still have half a bottle of nahari ink that is still good. As you can see, I still need some practice before starting on klaf.


  1. IMHO you should already write on klaf. Even if your first megillah is a bit rough, someone can use it and it will always worth something...

    1. Start on the second yeriya, so by the time you get to the first yeyiya your ksav will be slightly improved and the megillah will present better that way

    2. Right now the klaf I ordered is stuck in Customs limbo. That being said I won't try to guess when it will arrive.
      I see the point you brought up. I decided with paper first, that way I won't be idle until the klaf comes in. Plus, that was the first time I used the stand for my drawing board and I discovered that it slides too much. I also need to get used to the new writing position.


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