Shel Rosh where the compartment is very split

What can be done for battim that the shel rosh compartments are split in a way that it affects the ribua?

Of course, I am referring to those that do not allow any glue in between the compartments whatsoever.


  1. clamp. clamp and more clamp.

    you can also try shaving off the sides and repainting

    also you can put some foam in the shaidel which means the rosh is veryt snug and tight when inside, acting as a clamp 23 plus hours a day

  2. and remember the shitos - hat the air between the batim is not counted so if when you squeeze the bayit togetther the ribua is ok its kosher-see ot yatziv

    1. So acc to this shitta (which BTW is pretty much Daas yochid), if I have a bayis with perfect ribuah and they are prudos with slight gaps (say each chatitz is open .35mm) and then when I squeeze them together the ribua goes off (ie 1.05mm), what is the din please?

  3. Shaving is the best, if not only, option to repair. clamping without glue is going to be temporary. tightening the sheitel is great to prevent it from worsening. If the gap is very wide then that could be a problem in itself, even if the overall ribua is corrected.


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