Insurance for borrowing sefer Torah

An acquaintance is borrowing a Torah from a day school for his daughter's bas mitsve, and the day school is unclear whether their insurance covers the Torah while it's offsite; he asked me what sort of insurance one would need to get to cover the Torah while it's at his house.  (Apparently, Google suggested that he ask a sofer, and I'm the sofer he knows.)  Does anyone have any thoughts on the issue?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the matter.


  1. I think it would depend on the insurance provider. Here, for example, the major insurance broker everyone uses makes sure it's covered even if it has to leave the premises such as to get fixed. Otherwise I'm sure you could always get temporary transit cover.

  2. Not sure this while thing is Muttar. There are even issues with moving for a Bais Avel, if it's for less than 3 actual Krias haTorah episodes.

    (It seems to me that it would be the Sofer's responsibility to let them know, or - at least - not to be Mesa'yeia.)


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