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The chof of lavoseichem and y'mechem. This is a mezuzah I see often which is very basic but sold by a reputable supplier. But are these chofs OK?


  1. In most of the above KHAFS it's the width of the ROSH vs. the MOSHAV that confuses. Most have a CHALLAL and are Kasher. Others, if you're in doubt should be shown to a Tinok. However, the one of La'avotekhem is like a RESH - and is PASSUL.

  2. Actually there are 2 very reliable sochrim who sell most of this sofer's mezuzahs and they are checked by their reliable magiim and the vast majority make it through hagaah. The sofer is an ehrliche ben Torah who learns part day. He does have his issues, including the chaf and has improved and takes hearos seriously. He writes a lot, mostly 10cm and a small amount of 7cm (he used to only write 6cm). I personally don't think the chaf in la'avoseichem is pasul.

    1. I will email you privately re some of the issues with these mezuzos, since you know the sofer and he sounds legit perhaps you could consider presenting my concerns to him

    2. How can an "Ehrliche Ben Torah" write a mezuzah that looks like that?!

    3. How can an "Ehrliche Ben Torah" write a mezuzah that looks like that?!


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