Sefer on Tefillin?

I got a pair of Tefillin to check from Klozenberg chossid. the holes are drilled different and I understand there is a specific way to sew the Tefillin back up... I was speaking to another Sofer and he mentioned to me there is a sefer I believe it is called Tefila Lemoshe? by R Moshe Kroizer it has illustrations of all the different Minhogim for Keshorim and ways to sew up Tefillin...

Does anyone know where I can get this Sefer or know of a similar sefer?



  1. I purchased it directly from the mechaber:
    Rav Moshe Korizer
    Rechov Rabbeinu Gershom 32 Beis

  2. I've got the sefer, email me and ill send you some pics


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