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Metal writing tip

How does the use of a rapidograph with a metal tip ‎sit with the kabbalistic concept of not using metal as a writing instrument.

Very Interesting Request

I hope everyone had a great Yom Tov, Someone came to me last week and asked me to write yud kay vov kay of sheim hashem 7 times on seven small pieces of klaf (vertically). When I asked him why, he told me that he has a growth in his throat and a Rabbi / Mekubel in Israel had said to put the 7 pieces of klaf in 7 cups of water so that the ink should mix with the water. He should drink one cup of water each day for a week. Two questions on this: 1) Would it be a question of mechikas hashem to do this? Or is the fact that it is written vertically remove this chshash. 2) Is it safe to drink water that has ink and klaf soaking in it? Feedback appreciated

Letter Tzade

Please take a careful look at the TZADE of the word MATZOT.  The YOD HAFUKHA has no YEREKH and meets the body of the letter in the form of a pie-shaped wedge on the outside. However, on the inside the shape appears normal.   This anomaly appears to have arisen due to someone going over the letter and causing damage to it.   The question here is, do we hold that the letter maintains its shape, and we're therefore allowed to correct it.  Or, would we maintain that it does not maintain its shape and therefore has no remedy. Your educated responses are always appreciated.

ר״ת ורש״י ביחד

Someone told me on Shabbos that there is a Rav in Israel selling Rashi and Rabbeinu tam parshiyot together in one bayit so that only one pair needs to be worn. Does anyone know anything about this?

Cut Out in Mezuza for Shakai.

Why?! Any comments?

Wide zayin

Zayinim - very wide rosh. Your thoughts

nun / gimmel

This (nun from eineichem) was done by a magiha by accident who was fixing the tagin of the lamed. Not sure which direction the tikkun was made in but I don't think the end result is a  shailo of a gimmel because the negiya is not on the right but towards the left side. Thoughts anyone? This one, on the other hand, is more of a worry.

Feh Meshunah

What is the status of the 'Pehs' where a line protrudes and closes the gap completely? In one of the peh's the line closes even the bottom moshav completely! (feh of nafshechem)

Damaged Mezuzah Case

What is the right thing to do with a damaged Mezuzah case (without the Mezuzah) that was taken off a door post? Does it need Gnizah? Can it be thrown away?

thin negiya lamed nun

The line connecting the two letters is a bit lighter than the letters themselves. You don't really see that in the pic