Cut Out in Mezuza for Shakai.

Why?! Any comments?


  1. So you can see it when it's rolled up...

  2. Because the cutting doesn't affect the Kashrus of the mezuza and there is a strong minhag to see the shakai. It just doesn't look so nice.

    I should point out though that if the cutting were to go into the parsha stuma it would present a problem...

  3. This is often done by sfardi mezuzos. The put the shakay further in so it's one of the ways you can still see it after its rolled.
    The second way is to fold the right margin. I prefer that method to cutting

  4. I've never heard any discussion or asked Rav Friedlander about folding the right side so I don't know which is better. This is also an issue on high end mezuzahs where they leave a margin of blank klaf for k'dei lagol. Rav Friedlander did suggest that its better to cut the klaf and make a flap and fold it back rather than remove the piece completely. The best eitzah is, if possible, to use a case that doesn't require the klaf to be rolled tightly.


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