Letter Tzade

Please take a careful look at the TZADE of the word MATZOT.  The YOD HAFUKHA has no YEREKH and meets the body of the letter in the form of a pie-shaped wedge on the outside. However, on the inside the shape appears normal.  

This anomaly appears to have arisen due to someone going over the letter and causing damage to it.  

The question here is, do we hold that the letter maintains its shape, and we're therefore allowed to correct it.  Or, would we maintain that it does not maintain its shape and therefore has no remedy. Your educated responses are always appreciated.


  1. יישר כח
    שאלה יפה וטובה - מה הדין גולם מצד אחד?

  2. Rav stern is meikel in similar cases with tzadik arizal. See Mishnas hasofer. You could probably fix by adding ink to the right side of the yerech (not scratching). While you are at it fllick a few tagin onto the ayin underneath...

  3. Kdai to show a chacham. I think it should be ok.

    A # of letters need tagin, kutzo shel Yud

  4. Thank you all for your comments!


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