Metal writing tip

How does the use of a rapidograph with a metal tip ‎sit with the kabbalistic concept of not using metal as a writing instrument.


  1. What " kabbalistic concept of not using metal as a writing instrument?!" Can you provide a source?

    The halacha is clearly stated in the Keses Hasofer that we write with any writing implement, "even with a metal pen."

  2. The concept of not using metal for writing is well documented, and the source is Hilchos Gittin (see the Rema 125:4).

    But there are also those who say "al pi sod" not to use metal, because metal "shortens lives" and it says by the Mizbeach "Lo sonif aleyhem barzel" and this applies here as well.

    There is a short but fundamental teshuvah by the Shevet Halevi on this whole concept which brings down all the opinions and the conclusion is not to use metal for writing, but better use a feather quill as per the accepted custom. See Shevet Halevi, chelek 2, siman 136.

    Yosef's question is a fair one. I agree that it's somewhat ironic fixing tagei lamed which are supposed to be done "al pi hasod"( to mke the right higher than left) with a metal nibbed rapidograph that shouldn't really be used al pi hasod, because it shortens life.


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