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After I wrote the Shem, as I was writing the following line, the Hey got smudged. Is there any chance the Shem can be left as it is? Thanks YK

Ksav of a 15 year old Sofer.

(I believe the klaf is about 5 cm, so it's small. Click to enlarge.) A 15 year old boy I've been encouraging to pursue safrus asked me to post his ksav and ask for comments. He also would like to know how much the finished pitum haketores would be worth. Thank you! 

High Price Mezuza

My father-in-law bought this Mezuza from highly regarded Sofer in Netanya. He paid a lot for it - 200 dollars - and I wanted your opinion about it. I found that some Chaf Sofits are not long enough and that some Lameds are going into to letters above. Overall I'm underwhelmed about this one.

Shee'lat tinok on the khaf of anokhi?


מידות השירות

I am having gvil made for a Sefer Torah for myself and the gvil macher wants to know how to be m'sartet the Shiros. I have never written a Sefer Torah before and I have no idea! How am I supposed to cheshbon them relative to the other yeri'os? It is a 48-line sefer; does that make any difference?

Is the Khaf sofit in 'vaderekh' fixable?


פצפונים בדיו לנצח

I am looking for a sofer who can write very mehudar pitzponim in ksav Beis Yosef and has experience doing so with Dio Lanetzach. Any leads would be appreciated.

Source and punishment for soaking kemaya in water

Recently a shayla was posted about erasing shem hashem  by soaking in water. See Shabbos 115: There was someone who used to write(brachot-kemeyot) in Tzidon, Reb Yishmoel was notified, Reb Yishmoel went to check him out,as he was going up the ladder, the writer realized(that he will be caught in the act)and took a package of kemeyos and sunk it into a bowl of water. These were the words of Reb Yishmoel גדול עונש האחרון מן הראשון Mishna Brura biur halacha volume 3  chapter140 page 190  last 2 lines debates if one is to write 2 letters on shabbos one above the other if it is counted as one,while the m"b does not solve the question he refutes any interpretation of various sources that might seem as they do not connect.

shinui tzura?


...שמע ישראל


Here is an article I wrote recently....comments and feedback appreciated...feel free to reproduce etc