Source and punishment for soaking kemaya in water

Recently a shayla was posted about erasing shem hashem  by soaking in water.
See Shabbos 115: There was someone who used to write(brachot-kemeyot) in Tzidon, Reb Yishmoel was notified, Reb Yishmoel went to check him out,as he was going up the ladder, the writer realized(that he will be caught in the act)and took a package of kemeyos and sunk it into a bowl of water. These were the words of Reb Yishmoel גדול עונש האחרון מן הראשון
Mishna Brura biur halacha volume 3  chapter140 page 190  last 2 lines debates if one is to write 2 letters on shabbos one above the other if it is counted as one,while the m"b does not solve the question he refutes any interpretation of various sources that might seem as they do not connect.


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