Ink Blot On Shem - Came Right Off.

An ink Blot fell right on the Shem, and after carefully blotting the wet ink immediately, all that was left was a very light shadow, which would not be disqualifying at all.

After cleaning it a little more with an eraser, nothing at all was left from the ink that fell, and the original shem remained as clear as before.

What are your opinions on the matter, with sources/reasoning please?


  1. What EXACTLY did you do? How did you "blot"?

    1. I ask because, according to us, even if the ksav is dry and the tippa is wet - it still constitutes Chok Tochos to wipe away the tippah.

      Now, if we assume it was Chok Tochos, it's passul.

      In terms of fixing it: many poskim hold it is not permitted to be Mochek a Sheim even if it was created via Chok Tochos.
      Others hold it is permitted to erase a sheim that came about through Chok Tochos.
      However, even according to the latter opinion, R Akiva Eiger writes in Shu"T tinyana 36 that since according to the Sma"k (at least according to the Get Poshut) it is NOT Chok Tochos to remove a tippah if it fell after the letter was written, it would be prohibited to erase the Sheim add it never lost is kedusha even when the tippah was on it.

      So, in my very very limited knowledge this Yeriah would have to go UNLESS we assume that the blotting was so mild... in which case SOME do not consider it chok tochos.

  2. Sources: See Sfeikas Hasofer, section 3, Siman 9. He had a nice discussion about a droplet that got "spunged" up and left little to no mark.
    He also cites related sources although I have not looked them up.
    Then see Shu"t R' Akiva Eiger Tinyana 36.

  3. B'dieved, you could probably cut out the shem and 2 other words, put in a matlis, and rewrite that way. I know Keset Hasofer doesn't love that option, but . . . .

  4. chas v'shalom don't erase the shem !!!

    1. Rabbi Weiner, do you care to elaborate or to discuss the issue?

    2. Rabbi Weiner, do you care to elaborate or to discuss the issue?

    3. see


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