kabollah tagin

Hi, just wondering what people do with regard to inconsistent kabollah tagin in tefillin and mezuzos that they check. My policy in the past (based on my shimush) was not to correct them (many sofrim vary slightly) unless the discrepancy was very blatant. But I see some sofrim scratch and add and make a real big deal of it.


  1. With the Shimmusha Rabba tagin, I find that even the tikkunim are inconsistent on one tikkun from the shel yad to the shel rosh. That bothers me incredibly. You can't expect the sofrim to be consistent when the tikkunim they are copying from are not!

    1. Agreed. Even meyuchsdike parshiyos in Chabad (one group) there are so many differences.

      However it is still important to fix if they are disconnected, because it may be a shaolio of an extra vov, as by any tag with a rosh that is not connected to the os

    2. Just out of curiosity, which tagin are generally made in Chabad? Shimusha Rabba/Rambam/Tikkun Tfillin? Arizal/Matzas Shimurim?


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