Likut Sifrey Sta"m?

I have been trying to learn the halachot of k'tivat sta"m, however, I am still looking for the relevant sefarim, seeing as the ones on are mostly illegible. One sefer that I've noticed is Likut Sifrey Sta"m. Does anyone know how good this sefer is? Is the type clear? The illustrations? Are there any alternatives which are likely a better choice?

On talking with a sofer in the NY area, I was advised to wait on this sefer and to look instead at Mishnat Hasofer. Does anyone know if it's possible to find this for under $30US?


  1. I think if you are beginning to learn you should start by purchasing a keset hsofer, it should be available at any good seforim store, as well as a Mishnah brurah vol 1 and learn chap 32 and 36 (Mishnas sofrim). Hatzlocho

    1. Likut Sifrey Sta"m includes both the Keset and MB simanei hilchot tefillin. In my area, we only have one seforim store, which is both outrageously expensive and poorly furnished in the Sta"m department.

  2. Agreed. I could only add that, if you don't have a rav/Sofer to learn with then there's a printing of the Mishnat sofrim section of the Mishnah Berurah with illustrations. Might help...
    It's called פאר הלכה I think...

  3. Likut Sifrey StaM is an excellent book - you should certainly have it in your library. I've referenced it a lot over the years as well as many other excellent texts.

  4. Try

  5. Likut Sifrei STa"M is excellent and comes with many tikkunim, especially for different layouts of Megillat Esther. The catch is the typeface of some of the included seforim, so it definitely pays to get a separate copy of Kesset (with illustrations) and a full Mishnah Berurah.


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