Are these Yuddin really Reshin? 2 1/12 Inch Mezuzah

What do you think of these yuddin, and the vav?
(Enlarged many, many times.)

Here's the entire mezuzah with the penny for scale.

There's this embossing from the other side, but it's only visible from this side. Ever seen that before?
Please comment with your opinions.


  1. The Yuds are not Reish's. Kotzo shel Yud should be added and the Vav should be rounded- both of which are risky and should only be done by an expert.

    There seems to be some cracking, as is common with whitewashed klaf. This may be reason enough not to use it, as even if you can fix it, it may crack/crumble in other places.

    The embossing is very common on the very cheap 6/7cm whitewashed mezuzahs. Assuming the mezuzah is kosher, it should be flattened out. Personally, these mezuzahs should be treated as if not checked and should only be used if absolutely necessary as the reliability of the sofrim of such mezuzahs is in some question.

    1. It's actually not as bad as many of the other older moshuach small ones I encounter

    2. I agree, this ksav, which I've come across quite a few times, isn't at all bad. However, the fact that it's written on klaf masuach and the embossing raise concerns about the sofer and supposed hagaah.

  2. מצותי in my opinion needs a tinok
    Reb Moishe Feinstien ZT"L in tshuva mentions that embossing should not be done


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