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I recently upgraded my computer checking program to DUK version 3. It uses the Cannon EOS 1200D camera. Before that I was using an older version with an A3 scanner that was sharp and reliable.

I find the camera images are dark and sometimes blurry on the edges. Also the light reflects off the letters sometimes. Are there any tips that anyone can offer to take better images? Thanks


  1. When I bought the original program, at the time I searched all over for the 2 scanners that worked with it. It didn't use a flatbed scanner and Logitech that made the roller scanners had been sold to another company and the scanners were no longer available in stores or online.I found 1 store that had a few left in stock. I had to have it serviced by Tor a few times, which was a considerable expense. For others who bought after I did, they mostly had to buy a refurbished scanner from Tor. Is the A3 scanner you used a flatbed? I never heard of the program working with a flatbed scanner.
    I switched to the new program that used the camera not long after it came out. When it came out it worked with the Canon G7, which quickly became obsolete. I bought the G9, which was the only camera on the market it worked with at the time. (I paid around $450.) It's taken some time to figure out the lighting so there isn't a glare off the letters yet light enough for the program to be able to read the letters. I've always had some trouble with the first and last parsha of the shel rosh being a little out of focus on one side. Otherwise, mezuzahs go must faster and particularly on mezuzahs and parshios shel yad there are fewer results to review. I'd also like to hear how people deal with getting a good image of the 1st and last parshios of the shel rosh. I'd suggest contacting Tor and maybe they can assist you by phone?

    1. Yes I'm talking to them. I used an A3 scanner. I think in hindsight it's better and quicker than the camera...

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  3. This camera reminded me of the story with the naked emperors clothing (nobody is happy but is embarrassed to be the only stupid one that cannot operate the camera) . I have since installed a free Mishmeres STa"M program which sends my scanned images to Mishmeres STa"M. I pay monthly for the amount used and I am very happy.I sleep better at night not worrying that i pressed ignore too fast.and looking up old reports is very convenient.


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