Price quote for shir hashirim, megillot eicha and rut


Shalom rabbonim and STaM chevre,

what price (in dollars) should a sofer with mehudar ktav charge per amud (including klaf) for writing shir hashirim and megillot eicha and rut?

how many amudim does each one have?

thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and expertise


  1. The price depends on the halachic and aesthetic level of the ksav. The price for kesiva would be similar to what one would charge for an amud of a sefer Torah (plus cost of klaf (and hagaos). SHS and Rus are 4 Torah Torah amudim and Eicha is 5 or 6, depending on the tikkun. The standard tikkunim are 21 and 42 amudim and I think there's also one for 28.

  2. Just FYI, Shir Hashirim is much more packed (in terms of yuddin/line) than is Rus. I might consider a slight premium for SHS on that basis - I remember there are a lot of 5י and 6י lines, and there may have even been a 10י, thought I do not have the tikkun in front of me to confirm.

  3. The sofrim and dealers wholesale/retail SHS and Rus for the prices and dealers pay the sofrim the same thing.

  4. Just to add to what more experienced people said, Rus and Eicha are both roomy amudim, though rus a bit more so.

  5. Thank you all for the responses.

    Do u think paying the sofer who has beginner-mehudar ktav $120 per amud for each order is reasonable? On the low/high end?

  6. Sorry, I forgot 1 word - The sofrim and dealers wholesale/retail SHS and Rus for the SAME prices and dealers pay the sofrim the same thing.

    Is the sofer being paid by a dealer or private customer? Also, if you are including klaf, leave that out as you just pass on that cost.

    1. sofer is being paid by a dealer and it includes klaf

  7. Forgetting the klaf as the socher should pay the cost of it. A fair price for starting level mehudar ksav for a sefer Torah amud is around $80. The hagaah, computer (and sewing) is on the dealer.

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  9. $80 for a sofer in Israel paid by a dealer in Israel


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