Question about seams

Today I re-glued a matlis that came loose by a seam. I noticed that the seam is stitched almost from the top edge to the bottom edge. It is my understanding that the seam shouldn't be sewn from edge to edge so that the klaf wouldn't tear. I checked a few more seams and they were sewn in the same manner as well.

This particular sefer is used for rosh chodesh and yomim tovim. Should the seams be redone, or would it be better to leave it as is since it's not used as often?


  1. Be'er Hetev on YD 278:1 (d'var hamatchil l'sofa) seems to indicate that this is only a takana to prevent the Torah from tearing, and that a Torah sewn all the way from edge to edge is not posul. It seems to me that the amount of time and cost associated with this fix mitigates against doing it, but don't posken by me!

    1. As opposed to being me'akev as halacha l'Moshe miSinai as part of tefira. In any event, that's the language of the Be'er Hetev/Ba"ch:
      לסופה. וכ' הב''ח כיון דאינו אלא תקנת חכמים כדי שלא יקרע הס''ת לא מיפסל ס''ת


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