Safrus equipment in the US

Fellow sofrim!

Where do sofrim in the US get standard equipment?
I have some US talmidim, and don't want to have to mail them things...


  1. The ones likely are Bais Hastam, email Rabbi Traube or machon stam might have

  2. Lishkas Hasofer in Monsey carries some supplies. Additionally, I heard about a little "hole-in-the-wall" in Kiryas Yoel and I once ventured out there with a friend and it was the size of a large closet, but packed with interesting and useful supplies and trinkets. I believe it was called Tzorchei ST"aM, but I do not have their contact info on hand. They are also the only place in America that I have seen that carries Eida giddin. If you don't have time to take a trip to KJ, I know of a chashuve sofer in Manhattan who for years has been having them ship him giddin, etc.

  3. I've also ordered from

  4. I have supplies too

  5. I have supplies too

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