Blog Update: Members and Authors

Hi all. I constantly get emails from people to join the forum, and am happy to send all new members an invite so that they can contribute. However Blogspot only allows 100 authors and I have exceeded that a while back. So I have been slowly dropping out some authors to allow for new ones. I have only been dropping out authors who don't post or comment. If I have dropped you out and you wish to remain an author, I apologise and I am happy to re invite you.

Having said the above, being an author allows you to post. But everyone who has ever joined, even if dropped as an author, remains a member. The membership list is manually added to the side bar, and I apologise again, I have not updated this in a long while. (There are about 25 members who joined since I last updated the list and hopefully I will find the time to do this soon).

I hope the above clarifies things. Thanks again to all those participating in this forum.


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