Chol Hamoed emergency work

Hi all and Freilichen Sukkos.

Can one sew the atzei chayim onto a sefer Torah during Chol Hamoed? There are other kosher seforim in the shul but they really would like it done for Simchas Torah (it just arrived back from repair in Israel). Thanks


  1. בודאי שמותר לכבוד המועד והחג

  2. Thanks. I once did a siyum on chol hamoed. Rav Gavriel Tzinner was consulted and he paskened that to fill in letters for the siyum was OK because if the outline of the letter is already there it is not maaseh uman to fill them in. However he did say that a goy should sew the eitz chayim on but I should reattach them after Yom Tov.

  3. What about giddim in Parshat Pinchas, even if other seforim are available?


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