First full column and a question

Finally finished my first column. I had a rough start, and I think I should have waited until tomorrow to finish it. I just wanted to get the first column done with. While doing a cursory check I noticed 2 lameds under a stretched out heh. Is this something I should fix?

Below is the full column:


  1. Because it's only part of a thin tag and also because of its location it's not a shinuy tzurah

  2. still better [mehudar] to erase the part of tagim intruding in hallal of hay

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  4. The Mechaber writes "Yesh Lizaher" on this, the Mishne Berura adding "Afilu M'at". The "airspace" of a letter should not be violated. (Although the Mechaber speaks of the "Rosh" of the letter on the lower line, Mishne Berura's "Afilu M'at" indicates that no part of the letter should enter the Avir Ha'Os of the upper line.) So, while it certainly is Kosher, it is perhaps more than "Mehudar" to obey the Mechaber's "Yesh Lizaher".

    1. Yes but once done, is it necessary to scratch off?

    2. My question is based on the premise that scratching to make something more lechatchillah or mehudar (to remove a chshash) is not necessarily achieving as much as we think. I refer to the famous teshuvah of the Shevet Halevi re the lamed with small neck (bedieved), where he writes that scratching from the rosh to make the neck longer does not necessarily make it lechatchillah (as though it was written that way to begin with)

    3. I just came across the halacha last night. I would like 2 points clarified.

      1. In Shaarei Teshuvah, my understanding is that according to the Taz it possul, but according to Makom Shmuel it's fine it there is no shinuy tzurat and not touching, but it is preferable to fix it if possible. Practically speaking, what does this mean?

      2. It is my understanding that the tagin it, for the most part, incidental to the letter. So if a tag goes into the space of another letter, does it pull the rosh in with it?

    4. The only time you usually have to worry about tagin entering the space of a letter is when the tag of a lamed enters the left space of a dalet or reish from the line above. If the tag is thick and protrudes deeply it may turn the daled or reish into a hay. Often a tinok must be asked, by covering the lamed with a paper and only showing the child the part that protrudes into the space of the daled or reish....


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