My first Megillat Esther

I am working on my first Megillat Esther and it's been an interesting learning experience. I am writing it for myself and G-d willing it should be done before next Purim.

Looking at my progress, I am rather hypercritical of my work. I would like an objective opinion/critique/advice of my work.

What I think:

After a few experiments, I am getting the feel of my kulmus. 
Spacing is still an issue for me, hopefully I will get the sense of it by my second column.

Picture was taken at a slant, so the perspective is a little deceiving. 

Thanks in advance.


  1. Certainly a lot better than my first megillah (and, coincidentally, I'm writing a megillah as a wedding gift now, and this is pretty much exactly where I stopped)!

    Some things I noticed:
    1) There are a few spelling mistakes (on line 25? you have המך instead of המלך, and on line 28? you have נערית instead of נערות).
    2) This is probably an artifact of photographing, but there's a lack of clarity on kotzes d'Rabbeinu Tam on yuds. I'm guessing that they're there, but not showing up right in the picture.
    3) Be careful that the heads of your letters don't become golems. I noticed this especially on the middle head on a number of shins. You could probably extend the shin a little and make it slightly taller to give yourself a bit more working room, which would help here, I think.
    4) Also, be careful with spacing between words, e.g. יצאו דחופים on line 20, which is very close and safek k'mila achas, and ליום הזה on line 19, which is very far apart, though not far enough to reach shiur parsha status.
    5) The taggei lamed in ושללם are reaching very slightly into the ה at the end of בשלושה, which could be problematic if they reached in any further (or, obviously, if that wasn't a ה, but was a ד.) Something to watch out for, though here I don't think it's problematic - hard to tell from a picture.

    I'm being incredibly nitpicky here - for a first megillah, this is very nice, and with practice, your letter forms will smooth out, etc. Yasher koach!

    1. Not nit picky at all. This is the kind of feedback I need.

      Thanks for catching those mistakes, I'll take care of them after shabbos. I expect to finish my first column soon. I'll post better pictures then.

      Good Shabbos


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