Question on כתב חבד

I talked to a grandson of the famous Chabad sofer  R' Eliezer Zirkind. He said that his grandfather had a Massoret of Ktav Alter Rebbe which has some differences from the כתב חבד used by sofrim today. He did not know what these differences are. Does anyone know what these differences are? Can we see samples?


  1. I heard him say that the only chidush of ksav chabbad is in shatnez getz other wise it was the same like tha ksav in that place and time

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  3. if you tell me how to properly upload a picture,I'll post it again

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      4. Can you tell us which letters are different from the common כתב חבד today?

  4. Without getting into the history and sources for today's ksav Chabad, I think the biggest general difference in how the late Rabbi Zirkind's Z"L ksav presents compared to most other styles is in its simplicity. This is because strongly believed in the fact that it says "Uchsavtem" ( not Utziyartem etc) and that many of the more detailed and ornate ksavim (particularly Ksav Chabad) done today are "drawn" rather than simply "written". This argument was consistent with his general shittah that there is no such thing as "hiddur" when it comes to ksav, there is no makkor in halacha for a beautifully written ksav being in any way advantageous to a simple (yet obviously halachadic) one: Either it is kosher k'din or it is not.


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