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Halakha Berurah

Hi Eli, Please find below an excerpt from Halakha Berurah detailing how the Parasha Setuma of Vehaya Im Shamoa' must be written for Sepharadim.  I have underlined below where he mentions that a space measuring at least 9 (large) letters should be left open at the beginning of the perasha. Best regards, Alberto

sfardi stuma in tefillin

I often see sfardi Parshiyos with "Rambam" stuma for parshas vehoya im shemoa space less than 9 osiyos gedolos . If the shema goes until the end of the line but the sofer leaves more than 9 osiyos ketanos but less than 9 osiyos gedolos at the beginning of VI"S, what is the status of the parshiyos for sfardim (obviously for Ashkenazi it's fine). Thanks

negiya yud beis

I think the saving factors are that the yud is fat and short. I've seen many yud beis negiyos a lot worse... I really can't see a tinok reading it as a mem. However I still feel shailos chochom is called for...
What does the Olam think

cleaning klaf of old S"T

I think someone once mentioned a chemical method of cleaning klaf of an older sefer without ruining the ksav. Does anyone know how this is done or have any other ideas? Thanks

Computer Checking

Does anyone have any experience of the Keshet Hasofer computer checking program?

another...long day...


Just another day at the hagaah table...


Method and Approach to Writing – Traditional vs. Modern

The following is really a response to Rabbi Eli Gutnik’s post about Rabbi Zirkind Z”L, as if his approach is a bit extreme, not “mainstream”. Thank you Eli for pointing out those principles that Rabbi Zirkind worked so hard to instill in his students. Please allow me to clarify. Rabbi Zirkind learned by Sofrim of the previous generation, including Rabbi Pollak of Williamsburg, and Rabbi Matlin who was the Rebbe’s personal Sofer. Rabbi Zirkind became the Rebbe’s personal Sofer after Rabbi Matlin’s passing. He checked and wrote Mezuzot for the Rebbe’s house, made Retzuot by the Rebbe’s request, sewed the Rebbe’s Tefilin (when the gid tore), and the Rebbe personally ordered by him tefilin for other people. The Rebbe recommended him to Horav Moshe Feinstein to write for him Rabeinu Tam Tefilin & later also wrote a Sefer Torah for him, and discussed with him all of the Tsuras Haoityot. So definitely he is someone we can all look up to and learn from. You write



More on the current state of computer checking - and more problems...

Around the same time Rabbi Bressman posted his recents concerns surrounding the issue of computer checking, I was receiving emails from friends regarding another online discussion on this issue. This discussion was being held in a closed forum for Chabad Lubavitch Rabbis (Achdus Shluchim Exchange), on exactly the same topic. While most members of this forum are not affiliated with Chabad, I think it's of great value for everyone to see the types of complaints and comments that were raised. Most Sifrei Torah reaching Chabad Houses (a substantial amount globally) are originally sourced from many of the mainstream sochrim in Bnai Brak, Yerushalayim, Ashdod etc and the issues they raised are the same as the one's I hear from the Litvish, Sefardi, Chaseidish etc rabbis as well. It started with a post from one rabbi complaining that he bought a new sefer Torah which was computer checked and found to have a spelling mistake. There were many responses and discussion with people s

Your thoughts?

While there is a yerech, albeit thick and ugly, does the blob of ink make it a shinui tzura? If the oketz was a normal length I'd be less inclined to pasel but as is it only makes the tzura look worse.

Why are there still misspellings today in mezuzos and Tefillin passing "computer checkings"?

I am aware of quite a few cases where there was  misspelled sta"M that had previously officially passed a "computer checking". One assumption I had of the reason to this problem was since some programs offer way too many "hearos", the person going over the computer screen gets too used to clicking "ok" that some serious issues get overlooked unfortunately. (Keep in mind, that some people consider computer checking a cheap service, therefore it is done very quickly, with alot of clicking.)  (Not a problem by the Mishmerit Stam computer system, nor by anyone that does the checking slowly and very carefully.) I think that a possible solution to this problem, is for the program to be designed in a way that it only leaves "hearos" on the most serious problems which is the actual  misspellings, and leaves out anything which is not 'way off' for the magiah who does a manual checking (Bedikas Gavra) to go over. I.e. for the programs no