negiya yud beis

I think the saving factors are that the yud is fat and short. I've seen many yud beis negiyos a lot worse...

I really can't see a tinok reading it as a mem. However I still feel shailos chochom is called for...


  1. Hi Eli,
    This is a case where the connection between the the BET and YUD is thin and so a sheelat Tinok suffices. If the Tinok reads it as two separate letters we may go ahead and disconnect. See Ketiva Tama OT Bet #10

  2. Whether this connection is fine enough is somewhat questionable. Furthermore, the regel of the Yud, just reaches the top of the moshav of the Chaf/Beis. The fact that the thick, primary part of the regel doesn't reach it may be a mitigating factor. I'd suggest asking a Shailos chacham.

  3. The Yud itself is a problem. More than half of the letter is to the right of the left edge of the Regel. The thickness of the Regel is greater than or equal to the Ovie Kulmus of the Rosh. From very far away, it looks like a Yud. So does a mosquito.

    1. And so do numerous other insects, come to think of but IMHO this yud is definitely kosher despite the thick regel

    2. As a standalone, this Yud is undoubtedly kosher.


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