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While there is a yerech, albeit thick and ugly, does the blob of ink make it a shinui tzura? If the oketz was a normal length I'd be less inclined to pasel but as is it only makes the tzura look worse.


  1. לי נראה שהנקודה התחתונה הפכה לגולם ופסולה

  2. I would consider this a case of "נגע רגל האל"ף בגג האל"ף".

  3. A fundamental problem is showing us the enlarged , zoomed in version.
    please submit an "actual size" .
    Remember R Shlomo Mualem agreed to optic magnification only to be like "chadei Ha Ain" and my mesora is to use magnification to be "machshir" not the opposite.

    1. Please see the discussion on this matter.

      While I can't speak for others, my purpose for posting is for discussion and education. There are few among our membership who are poskim and even less who can judge from enlarged images as per Rav Friedlander's comments. With regards to this shaila, you can save it as an image then view it in a smaller size but even then the image lacks the sharpness of the actual ksav.

      The mesora I have with regards to magnification is we may use it to confirm, to be machshir or to pasel, what we are confident we see with the naked eye/corrective lenses. If with magnification we see the opposite of what we are confident we see without it, whether lekula or lechumra, then magnification isn't taken into account.

  4. I don't understand why this isn't a clear case of the regel touching the guf, and would require a bitul tzurah (barring the potential issue of there not even being a "regel" anymore)...Can anyone explain the shailah?


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