dyo lonetzach for repairs

Someone I know recently had his tefillin checked. His tefillin are about 15 years old. The sofer who checked it said that the parshiyos were written with very thick ink, and as a result the ink was "breaking" along the folds of parshiyos shel rosh. He said while there was only one noticeable crack so far (which he repaired), he suggested changing the parshiyos, as they would always be high risk and susceptible to future cracking.

The person contacted me and asked me if I had any good parshiyos I could sell him. When he told me why he was changing his parshiyos, I suggested to him that he not change the parshiyos but rather go over the bruised ink with dyo lonetzach. This would ensure the ink will not crack again. Ideally, even to touch all the parts of letters situated on the folds of the shel rosh parsha. This exercise takes no more than 20 minutes and is extremely effective. Even if the thick ink does crack with time, the letters will never become possul because the upper layer of dyo lonetzach will never crack. This should increase the life of the parshiyos by many years and saves the customer paying the unnecessary cost of new parshiyos...

I find the above eitzah very effective and I hope that by sharing it, others can employ this method to their benefit and the benefit of their customers...


  1. While the new diyo should be permanent and cracks that are filled in should be okay, I question whether new diyo on top of old diyo will guarantee it's kashrus. Just like diyo on top of whitewash comes off since its resting on the surface of the paint and when the paint comes off, anything on the paint comes off as well, isn't it possible that the new diyo will come off with the crumbling old diyo underneath?

  2. A Sofer and Baal Kore showed me 7 years ago his Megilah which he folded by mistake across all the lines in one Amud. Almost all the letters cracked at the fold line. For several years he fixed the cracks with regular ink before Purim, and after Purim many of the letters cracked again. I advised him (7 years ago) to fix the cracks with Dio Lanetzach. He did it, and since then, the letters never cracked again.

  3. Again, while I believe it works to fill in the cracks, I question whether it helps to put on top of ink. If the ink underneath crumbles and comes loose then the new ink on top will come off with it.


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