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The shape of the letter פ

Rabbi Greenfeld from Vaad Mishmereth Stam published an article showing that the letter  פ  can be written in the "right shape" and can be written in a "wrong shape" which was invented by a Sofer from Minsk. The title of the article is pretty harsh:

זיופי הסופר רא"ח שמאלעוויצער ממינסק

Here is the link:

And here is the article in larger format (easier to read):

There is reference to  משיכה לאחורwhich is valid with ancient sources, and reference to a "broken פ "  which is invalid.  I could not understand the difference. Can somebody please explain?

Is this    

     the  "right" shape or the "wrong" shape?

Computer checking via the internet

Does anyone know of a way to do computer checking via the internet, either via a website or emailing scans to someone?