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Sefer on Tefillin?

I got a pair of Tefillin to check from Klozenberg chossid. the holes are drilled different and I understand there is a specific way to sew the Tefillin back up... I was speaking to another Sofer and he mentioned to me there is a sefer I believe it is called Tefila Lemoshe? by R Moshe Kroizer it has illustrations of all the different Minhogim for Keshorim and ways to sew up Tefillin... Does anyone know where I can get this Sefer or know of a similar sefer? Ty

Question on Lamed

If the vertical top of the letter Lamed is slanted forward, almost 45 degrees, is it kosher?

רגל כקוץ

״...אבל אם הוא קטן מאוד ונראה כקוץ קטן אין להקל אף בדיעבד, ובתו״מ לא מועיל תיקון...״ (ועיין שבט הלוי ח״ה סי׳ ח ס״ק ד) משנת הסופר סי׳ ה׳ ס״ק פט What does everyone think about this yud?

chof kfufa

The chof of lavoseichem and y'mechem. This is a mezuzah I see often which is very basic but sold by a reputable supplier. But are these chofs OK?