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Care for old Megillat Esther

I am hoping if you guys can confirm the origin of this megillah. I recently acquired an old "North African 19th century" Megillah.

It's written with 19 lines on gevil with setumot according to Rambam. (I believe)

At a cursory glance there are a number of letters that are rubbed out, some old patches, worm holes, and discoloration of the gevil. At the very beginning there is a prayer (I think) written in Rashi script with a tear through it at the edge.

The 10 sons of Haman is written similar to Chabad.

It doesn't look like it was mounted on an etz, unless it was glued on, and it seems to be folded between each column.

I would like to, at least, reinforce the edges where the gevil is starting to tear or has torn. What's the best way to do this? Glue strips of klaf on the tears?

What are some precautions I should take in caring for this megillah?

Thanks in advance


A local shul had a problem with one of their Sifrei Torah, they ordered a new yeriah from a Sofer in Eretz Yisroel and have asked me to sew it together for them. I noticed that the Sefer is 48 lines and the new yeriah is three amudim of 42 lines each. Is this a problem of מנומר