פורום בינלאומי לנושא סת"ם

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Received this question by email

(Below is a cut and paste from an email I received)

Yasher koach - wonderful blog! I'm getting started in stam, not yet ready to join you as a member (plus I see that you're maxed at 100 authors anyway). I do, however, have a question that I hope you'll consider posting yourself, as it's a common and critical one that I don't see dealt with yet by your chevra...

When a near-negiah is discovered in a sefer Torah during kriah, and it takes young people with good eyesight getting their noses right down next to the klaf to see that yes, there seems to be a chut hasairah of white space between - do we call that a negiah?

Near negios are judged l'fi "ayin regilah," according to Rav Wosner's zt"l teshuva ch' 1 siman 7 s"k 8, cited by the Mishnas HaSofer. I went to the teshuvah, and though he makes clear that you can't save such a situation with a magnifying glass, he doesn't explain precisely what r'us tivi (normal vision) means. It seems to me that we're talking about what the oisios look like from 18-24" away or so. But...

A magiah I know told me that his understanding is that ayin regilah is even when your eyelashes have to scrape the klaf in order to see that white space between oisios.

This is a fairly common shailah in sifrei Torah, it seems to me. Hoping you and the chevra can shed some light; I'm sure we'd all benefit from a post on it...

Yaakov Yosef Burgess
Cleveland, OH, USA