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Tzade continued

In the above picture we can see a schematic of the traces a scribe must make in order to write the above letters.  If one notices carefully, the top YOD in the Tiberian Style is done with one swoop. The scribe comes down in a 33 degree angle and then folds back over his initial stroke. The same movement is done when writing the foot of the ALEF or the nose of the PEH.
A feather, due to it's greater flexibility is not well suited for this type of backwards movement which comes natural when writing with a reed.  It is this type of movement that causes the impression of the head protruding from both sides of the foot.  Our Rabbis described this shape as "Ke'ein YUD" i.e... similar to a letter YOD, but not quite.
Today, we have become hyper-literal in interpreting many of the written descriptions of what constitutes Ketav Ashurit left by our sages of old.  But the truth is that a single picture can be more telling than a thousand words.  
We are fortunate to live in a d…