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not something you see every day...

Found this recently on someone's house, was up for years. Scary...

os zayin frequently problematic in cheaper STa"M

I see this shailo often in cheap stam: Zayin from bechozek)... Very often there will be no bottom right corner of the rosh. Sometimes it's just extends out to the right on a slight angle from the regel. I find that a shailos tinok is not always apt because child will be deceived by the tagin and will not distinguish between an angular blita and a proper rosh. How does the Olam deal with this shailo? And can a tinok relied upon here?

donating a sefer Torah and keeping the mitzva of kesivas sefer Torah

It is known that there are different opinions whether one fulfills the mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah when he is donating (and not only lending) it to a shul. According to the majority view, one has to own the sefer and through giving the sefer away he "looses" the mitzva. I was told that Chassidim generally don't hold this way and are not makpid on lending the sefer only, because one fulfills the mitzvah this way as well. Could anybody help me to find the source for this opinion?


I'm looking to teach a lefty Kesiva, what sefer has the strokes clearly written out?

Special Megillah tikkunim

Hello all, Does anyone have a tikkun for a 28-line Megillat Ester without the 10 B'nei Haman in their own 'amud? In other words, a tikkun which conforms to the Chassam Sofer's p'sak (the Gr"a may be interpreted this way as well)

Is the ש of עשב kosher?

Is it fixable?

Yud in Shem- thoughts?


Questions in letters of a Mezuzot Help Needed

BS"D Hi Sofrim, i have some pictures of letters in mezuzot that i want to know if those are ok, or make the mezuza pesula thank you 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 (the bet, beshibtecha its ok??) THANK YOU

redeemable by shailos tinok?

There was a gid on the klaf, which came away. Now we have this. (beis of yeviecho) I think that little shpitz (protrusion) coming out of the gug (roof) is enough to save it, and it can still fall into the catagory of a " nifsak shenikkar lehedya" (which may be fixed if a child recognises the letter). I was wondering what others think..